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Infant Oral Care

Is your child about to celebrate their first birthday? Make an appointment for their inaugural dentist visit! Establishing a solid foundation for your child’s oral health is essential in their first year of life.

Oral Habits
Is it time for your child’s nap? During your child’s early years, you may notice they’ve developed an undesirable oral habit. These habits are entirely natural reflexes that your child carries from their time in the womb, providing them with a sense of safety and security.

The arrival of new teeth is an exciting milestone! Typically, around 3 to 6 months after birth, your child’s first tooth begins to emerge. During this precious period, it’s normal for your child to soothe their gums by chewing on their favorite objects. Our team is here to have informative discussions with parents about what to expect as your child goes through the teething phase.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
Your baby is as sweet as sugar! Your child’s growth is a critical part of their overall health. Excessive sugar intake can negatively impact your child’s dental health. Baby bottle tooth decay can occur when “sugar bugs,” or cavities, develop on your child’s teeth. We are dedicated to eradicating these “sugar bugs” to ensure your child enjoys healthy teeth.

Is Infant Oral Care Necessity for Your Child?
At our office, you and your child can anticipate a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As a parent, you play a vital role in understanding your child’s dental health. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment today and begin your child’s journey to oral wellness!

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